Revive A Boring Garage Door With A Faux Finish

Have you become bored with your garage door’s look and would like to revamp it? Garage doors can add a lot of value to our homes and a simple paint job can do wonders to its appearance. With a new paint color, your garage door can spice up your home’s façade and one of the best options for reviving an old and dull-looking garage door is through the application of a faux finish.

What is a faux finish?

A faux or a fake finish is a kind of finish that is used to make a surface look a lot like another type of material. For instance, concrete walls can be painted to look like it is made of wood or a wooden table can be made to look like it is made of marble. Moreover, if you have gotten bored with your metal garage door’s appearance, you can have it made to look like a wooden garage door. These are among the amazing things that a faux finish can do.

How is it done?

There are various ways and techniques for the application of a faux finish in your garage door. If the surface can be painted over, then it can receive a faux finish. Experts at faux finish application say that almost all kinds of surfaces can be applied with a faux finish. Garage doors are one of the most common surfaces that receive a faux finish nowadays.

What are the things to consider?

The material of your garage door is often the first thing that experts consider. Although, it was said that almost any kind of surface can be painted with a faux finish, it can be easier or more difficult depending on the composition of your garage door. You should also expect that both sides of the garage door will be treated and that you should always cover the mechanical parts of your garage door to prevent paint from getting into it.

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