How To Purchase The Right Garage Door Opener

Installing a garage door is very important. Choosing a garage door opener is equally important. It is important to choose the right one whether you’re replacing it or making a new purchase. Some of the important things that you should do are look at the various brands and the various types of garage openers to determine which one you prefer. You should also determine whether you want to buy a garage door opener online or whether you want to purchase it from a local home depot store.

The benefit of purchasing a garage door opener from a home depot is that various brands, styles and power ratings are available. You always have a staff member around to help you choose. When purchasing online, reviews and other such information is available to make the right choice and you can compare weight, price, features and warranties all online.

There are three types of garage door openers: belt, chain and screw drive. These different types serve different requirements and should be chosen according to the material of the garage door, its weight, height, width and insulation abilities.

A belt drive system is a very quiet opener and so is ideal for garages that are located near your living room or a place you spend most of your time. A belt drive is therefore the best kind of garage door opener. A chain drive system is slightly noisy but is suitable for most garage doors. It is ideal because it can lift the lightest to the heaviest garage doors. It is also one of the most popular garage door systems. Screw drive is best for one-piece garage doors that tilt as they open. These are quieter than the chain drive system but are very slightly noisy. The screw drive system is very durable garage door opener.

Horse power is also an important factor. The heavier and bigger your door, the more horse power it will need. A ½ horse power garage door opener can lift many of the garage door types. This is a very popular option in terms of power. An opener with ¾ horse power is the best option for heavy doors. Because of its strong power, it is very durable and so lasts very long. 1 horse power openers outweigh all other options when it comes to extremely heavy doors. It is extremely efficient and has the best power as compared to other openers.

Speed is also important. Some openers open garage doors 7-inches per second but other openers can open garage doors at a faster rate. There are openers that come with lights as well. Some openers without keys are also available and all they require is a fingerprint for opening the garage.

These are the many options that are available and you can choose the one that suits your garage and garage door needs best.

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